Eric Allen Law
Identity & Website


Eric Allen is a criminal defense lawyer in Columbus that needed a new look and feel for his brand. ZoCo was tasked with creating a brand and website that better represented the firm’s services. The main objective of this website was to position Eric Allen and his firm as leaders in criminal defense in Columbus and to reach the appropriate audiences in a straightforward way.

ZoCo succeeded in both of these goals with an easy-to-navigate website that, combined with the new branding, establishes Eric Allen Law as a strong, knowledgable attorney and encourages new clients to contact him.


  • Brand Identity System Design
  • UI/UX Design + Development
  • Photography

At the start of this project, Eric made it clear that he wanted his brand to be viewed as a strong, serious, established brand. Through many iterations, together we created a logo that represented Eric and his firm well. The mark is comprised of the initials, ‘EA,’ with the negative space of the letters creating a mountain to represent Eric Allen Law’s strength and determination.

Early Concept Explorations
Final Brand Mark

ZoCo provided professional photography to capture photos of the team and work environment to be used throughout the new website. Many of the final images on the website were stylized in a duotone to create a high-quality, clean, and professional look.

For the new website, we overhauled the site map and simplified the content. The goal was to create an experience that was clear and easy to use for even the least computer savvy visitor. One of Eric’s main concerns was to make the website feel strong and reasurring to potential clients who are looking for a trustworthy and experienced lawyer to represent them in a time of trouble. The UI is clean and professional, with many opportunities to contact the firm.

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