Cut Maps


Columbus-based Cut Maps creates works of art using a laser cutter and the beauty of a city grid. Their products have become so popular that their offerings have grown to over 250 products for over 85 different cities. Each map is quite unique.

ZoCo teamed up with Cut Maps to drive online sales through SEO evaluation and testing. What has resulted is an impressive testament to the importance of such a strategy.


  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Customer Profile Analysis
  • Personas
  • Facebook Ad Targeting


# of times the average user visits a potential e-commerce site before making the leap to purchase in the physical product space

The Goal

To increase the number of exposures to potential buyers by increasing site traffic, lowering bounce rate and increasing both organic search traffic and direct traffic to the site.

To do this we had to first lay the framework by doing keyword research using current data. The goal is to find hyper-targeted, high trafficked search terms and optimize pages for those keywords. For an image heavy site it is important to optimize all the images under the same keyword strategy.

Optimizing pages and images increased organic search terms and click through rates for over 75 related search terms keywords.


pages optimized


images optimized


alternate descriptions
and tags added

Cut Maps has over 250 products for over 85 different cities around the world. We wanted to test the effects of doing geo-targeted Facebook Ad testing for specific cities. The goal here was to increase product impressions in a targeted city that would increase Facebook traffic but also increase organic search traffic in those areas.

Overall Increases
Bounce Rate
Organic +
Direct Traffic

Our results were incredible and made a huge impact after only four months, which is a very fast turn for SEO strategies. We expect these numbers to continue to rise as we further refine our strategies.

Before / After
Geotargeting Outreach

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