City Music Columbus
Brand Identity


City Music Columbus is a non-profit organization providing musical opportunities and education to under-served children in Central Ohio. Their brand needed to reflect their fun, youth-centered mission, but also appeal to high net worth individuals in order to accumulate capital for their distinctive musical events.

During our brand strategy workshops we defined opportunities for the organization and set out to align on a common goal for the project’s success. We discovered our client’s core brand belief is that music experiences enrich lives, promote happiness, and encourage self expression.


  • Brand Identity System Design
  • Collateral & Stationery
  • Standards Manual
Concept Explorations

The new brand captures a feeling of professional elegance while telling a story intertwined with the sentimental nostalgia of an early childhood music experience: playing the xylophone. The abstract mark is a contemporary xylophone oriented as a city skyline. Additionally, a versatile color palette and dignified supporting typography allows their identity to transform for the intended the targeted audience.

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