Cardinal Health
Application UX/UI Design


Cardinal Health provides innovative healthcare solutions and services across the country. Their wide-reaching capabilities include providing retail pharmacy business services that make everyday tasks and operations easier. When given the opportunity to refresh the design of such applications, ZoCo was eager to help. After assessing the current applications, we were able to suggest improvements in both the user experience and the design of the products. Working with Cardinal, our team went beyond a refresh to develop more intuitive, clean, and advanced applications that delighted the client and resulted in a surge of customer sales and satisfaction.


  • Market Research
  • Innovation Design
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • User Testing & Validation

In the first 4 months after launching our new “dashboard” look and feel, we achieved the sort of growth that has typically taken us a year or so to achieve. One of our largest customers, in an email entitled “Awesomeness” called the new product “More than Excellent.” When it was unveiled at our annual tradeshow, a key member of our Sales team called the new look and feel “sexy”.

> Jeff Monroe, Director, Cardinal Health Reimbursement Solutions

To achieve this result, we started with extensive user testing and interviews to review the old systems. We learned how pharmacy professionals reacted to the system and what they thought would benefit them personally. These were the people who ultimately would be the users and decision makers so it was essential to discover what was needed to complete their tasks and what would be most important to create and ideal experience.


With the data and results from our interviews we were able to suggest a revised functionality and a new feature set to Cardinal Health and figure out together the best ways to implement the new ideas. We collaborated with Cardinal’s internal back-end development team to achieve the best final products for their pharmacy customers.


Exceeding Expectations

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