A Kid Again

A Kid Again helps restore a sense of normal for families thrust into the situation of having to care for a child with a life-threatening illness. They host year-round events to provide families with support, community, and memories that will last a lifetime.

A collage of AKA print materials.

A Kid Again supports three goals in their marketing plan: make the lives of their families easier, promote the A Kid Again brand in the community, and raise money through donors. As A Kid Again’s design partner since 2016, we’ve approached these goals through the design of a variety of marketing materials, both print and digital.

We implemented solutions to make the lives of A Kid Again families easier.

The family of an ill child is already overwhelmed; being a part of A Kid Again shouldn’t be an added stressor for them. Throughout our partnership with A Kid Again, we’ve worked to improve the experience of their families through the design and development of an event registration app and a digital program registration form.

A collage of the event enrollment app screens.
Zoomed-in view of the online enrollment form.
A zoomed-in view of an event card in the event enrollment app.

We designed brand touchpoints to connect A Kid Again with the Columbus community.

Community awareness is incredibly important to A Kid Again’s success; the more potential volunteers, donors, or families that are aware of A Kid Again, the better. We worked with A Kid Again on unique brand awareness projects, such as a brand refresh and website redesign, to help them stand out within the community and among other nonprofits.

The A Kid Again website.
"Hope, Happiness, and Healing" tshirts in teal and orange.
A close up of the AKA website feature a kid on a swing.

We crafted branded collateral to forge strong connections with donors.

The existence of any nonprofit ultimately depends on donors; A Kid Again is no different. We worked with them to develop donor-specific marketing and event collateral such as brochures, an impact report, and social media campaigns, that pulled on donor heart strings and proved A Kid Again to be a cause worth donating to.

Hands holding the AKA brochure with a collage of print materials in the background.
Collage of social media posts made for A Kid Again.
One hand holding open the A Kid Again Impact Report.
Hands holding open the A Kid Again folder featuring print materials in the pockets.

ZoCo Design has been pivotal in our brand evolution over the years. The team takes to heart the specific requests we submit and proposes new, innovative ideas that have enabled us to flourish and expand our programs across the United States.

blythe burtch, Marketing Coordinator

Our collaboration helped A Kid Again expand their organization to benefit more families.

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