10X Engineered Materials

10X Engineered Materials manufactures a new class of blast abrasives. Think sandpaper, but for industrial applications.

Because this product has a wide array of uses, it was important to first understand the different industries and applications. From this, we were able to find the silver thread that told the right story to everyone.

Simply put, 10X delivers.

We based the initial landing page on the existing 10X brand.

Once the landing page was launched, it was time to dig in deeper.

We conducted a virtual visual positioning workshop, where we used hundreds of inspiration images to explore how we could push the brand application.

The refreshed look and feel is bold and uncompromising.

Designed to educate and excite users about 10X, the website guides users through the features and benefits of the product then encourages them to sign up for more information.

We wanted to hint at what it was like to use the product. To accomplish this, we included an interactive element of the site, allowing users to “blast away” a wash of blue at a much faster rate than 10X’s competitors.

We had a blast exploring this industrial product. The final result is a testament of the 10X team’s commitment to its product and brand.

What we delivered to 10X

Website Design



Brand Strategy Workshop

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Brand Identity System


Prototype & MVP

Messaging Strategy