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1-Truck is an innovative new startup that has been years in the making. The company and its owner, Craig Mosley, aim to create a more efficient and cost effective solution for disaster relief by replacing the traditional emergency vehicles that we know today with an interchangeable pod system. This system consists of a single truck design with various interchangable pods that allow the trucks to have endless uses for any emergency.

With this innovative technology, the next step for 1-Truck was to find ways to present the solution to get early-adopter communities on board with this new system. 1-Truck partnered with ZoCo Design to showcase the value of their concept to the world.


  • Presentation Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Illustration

Illustrating the 1-Truck Solution

Reminiscent of engineering and patent drawings, ZoCo created a series of detailed line illustrations to efficiently communicate how the pod system functions and the flexibility of the pod platform. We may have even made our office into a pod.

We worked within the existing 1-Truck brand to develop new visual assets and styles. To pitch 1-Truck to communities and investors, we formed a compelling, detailed story illustrating the vast need and incredible benefits of investing in the pod system.

To further inform organizations, this high-contrast pitch booklet summarizes the 1-Truck advantages and even provides examples of how the pod system could have aided communities in past emergencies.

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