ZoCo Curiosity: Can you leave an old dog new money?

You may love your pet. But are you willing to leave your entire estate (or whatever pennies exist in your bank account) to them after you expire? We were curious if this was legal.

‘Gunther’s Millions’ has entered the chat.

Netflix’s docuseries ‘Gunther’s Millions‘ is all about the richest dog on the planet. They claim that the German Shepard, Gunther, inherited a cool $400 million. The series follows the wild lifestyle of Gunther and his entourage.

Sounds great, right? Alas, Spot can’t technically inherit your 2017 Kia Sorento. Although, we’re pretty sure he’d just constantly be driving himself to the dog park. What FreeWill.com says is to name a Pet Guardian and leave everything to them.

So it sounds like Roscoe isn’t in line to inherit ZoCo over here in the US. But that may be different in Europe…

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Stay Curious.


Hannah Greene