ZoCo presents: Studio Alone

This is our studio.
We have to defend it!

The notorious Wet Bandits have returned and are targeting the ZoCo studio. Watch as we spring into action, wiring the studio with makeshift booby traps in an attempt to spoil their plans this holiday season.


ZoCo CEO & Founder Lacey Picazo, along with Associate Director of UX Josh Walz, were brave enough to put their bodies on the line and play the roles of the trench coat-wearing, crowbar-wielding Harry and Marv in what many are calling an Oscar-worthy performance (we’re calling it that).

See even more from this year’s video with a behind the scenes video and photos below.

Harry, it’s our calling card. All the great ones leave their marks. We’re the wet bandits!


A look behind the scenes from our day of filming:

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Eric Trimble