AMA: Who is ZoCo and What We Are Passionate About?

CEO Lacey Picazo on who is ZoCo Design and what we are passionate about.

At our core, we’re champions for human centered tech.

And by that, we’re great UXers who really want to merge facts and feelings to create the best end products, and the best experiences for people to use. We’re founded to improve those experiences and through our services, we’re using UX research and strategy and product design to really create what are those ideal experiences.


But it goes beyond design. It goes beyond software when we think about what we care about, why we were founded. We want to improve experiences for everybody. And that includes for our team. That includes our clients. We want to make sure that our people have the best experience they can working with us, working for us, so that they reflect back on their experience and think “damn, that’s the best it could have been.”

And that’s a big, hairy goal. But we really seek to hire people who are driven to constantly improve, driven to think, how can I make this better? I want to master my skills. How do I feel empowered to ask curious questions and really dig in and say, is this the way it should be? Or Could I experiment and try something else to see what can be better?

By working that way, by really caring about where we’re going to go next and seeing our opportunities to grow and evolve, we see that we’re going to create an even greater impact than we have in the past.

We see our potential as being somewhat limitless, which makes us encouraged to keep iterating, keep improving, want to grow, and want to meet that potential that we all know we have for ourselves.


Eric Trimble