From Uncertainty to Clarity: Using Design Thinking to Navigate the Path Forward

By Lacey Picazo

Over the past two months I’ve been in countless conversations where uncertainty is the topic at hand—where we all wonder aloud, “where do we go from here?,” or “what do we do about this?,” or “how have my customers been impacted?” It’s true, many of us are questioning how much the world will change, how it will affect our businesses and our customers, and what to expect on the other side. There’s a path forward for each of us though—a means to navigate this crisis, to find opportunities to pivot your business, and to meet the needs of your customers better than ever before.

What makes us optimistic? Businesses are finding a way to maneuver these tough, complex questions by prioritizing the experience of their customers and how they serve their evolving needs. They are testing new offerings and positioning themselves to not only survive these times, but come out stronger on the other side. In our industry, this is known as design thinking—a method for creative problem solving and innovation that helps you reframe challenges, develop human-centered solutions, and impact people and their relationships with business.

Lacey Picazo