If we’re lucky enough to work with you, the first step of every project is a kickoff meeting.

Our clients often ask, “What is the kickoff meeting for?” By this point, they’ve already discussed the project plan and signed the contract, so another meeting can seem redundant. Fear not! We are not in the business of wasting time.



Meeting Objectives

  1. Meet face-to-face with all stakeholders and decision makers on the project.
  2. More fully understand the project, business, and industry.
  3. Define a successful project.

We’ve created a variety of prompts to achieve these. We use this as a chance to talk openly about the business, how this project began, what the industry is doing, and everything in between. Oftentimes, the questions can be challenging—but they help process the core of business and how it may have changed since inception.

Outcomes of this meeting include business priorities, characteristics of the brand, and clarity for our design and accounts team to begin working.


What we expect from the client


  1. Assemble your dream team.

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    Gather the decision makers who will give the red or green light. We recommend no more than 4 people, as design by committee can result in muddled output or analysis paralysis.


  2. Trust the process.

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    The output of this meeting provides valuable insights for our design team—and we’ll show you how it impacted our choices in the subsequent presentations. As one client put it, “I thought the kickoff was a waste of time, but [after that brand presentation], it all makes sense.”


  3. More information is better.

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    It can be difficult to define the creative process, so the more information we can get, the better. Come prepared to talk about restrictions, technical details, third-party integrations, legal implications, or any other boundaries. We will sift through this information and decide if it’s relevant to the work or not.


What to expect from ZoCo


  1. We’ll lead the meeting.

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    By this time, we already have many questions about the project, the business, and the motivation. Depending on the project, we may lead you through a SWOT exercise, brainstorming, or value proposition development.


  2. We run with the outcome.

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    We will take the insights from this meeting and run with them. They will be the common thread throughout our process. As we work through our process (yes, there is a creative process), we continually validate ideas against the project and business goals.


  3. We like to have fun.

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    If you can’t tell from our website, we’re a lively bunch of creatives who enjoy working with people to solve problems. We’ll make some bad jokes, and laugh at yours, too. Let’s start it off on a high note.



There you have it, folks. We understand this project is your baby, so now you know what to expect when you’re expecting [to work with ZoCo]. < prime example of a bad joke

Do you have any other questions about our process? Email [email protected]. We’d love to discuss them with you.

October 27, 2017
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Hannah Greene

A Columbus native, Hannah’s skill set includes design research, UX design, data analysis, and eating all the donuts.


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